World Cup Winners and Rewards

Another World Cup has come to its end, congratulations to the French national team for a great performance!

“But wait!” you cry. “What about rewards and prizes and all that good stuff for Big Farm players?!”

Glad you asked. For a list of the top 1,000 players who received a special World Cup Trophy decoration in-game go ahead and visit our World Cup Fever page to see if you made it! You can also check out our top 5 winners, all of whom will receive an exclusive physical reward pack which we will send right to their door! Aside from the in-game trophy decoration they already have, they will also receive some GGS merchandise including t-shirts and a special, exclusive poster to commemorate the Big Farm World Cup!

Moooove over, I’m going for the goal!


Congratulations to you all, we had a blast with this event and we hope you did too.

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