Village League or Village Fair? – Important News

We have some important news about the Village League and an all new event, the Village Fair! More details about the new event will be revealed along with out patch notes for the coming update next week but for now, some news on the the Village League.

The Village Fair event building, George is looking for the best Cooperatives!


The Village Fair will take the place of the old Village League, and this means we wave goodbye to medals and the village store. But fear not! While the Village League will come to an end on the 13th of August after midnight the store will remain open for those of you who wish to spend those last medals (the store will only be accessible once to allow medal spends or currency transfer, but the building in the village will no longer appear and you won’t be able to access the store from there). You will have the option to use the medals or transfer them into village dollars as usual. After this though the Village League will no longer be accessible. The new Village Fair is also intended to replace the occasional Cooperative Championship and so the overall amount of these will go down and we will run the Fair instead for a bit more variety in the schedule. Please keep in mind that those plans might change because the shop and the event building are connected and we are not 100% certain it is possible to maintain one while closing the other.

More news will follow about our all new event and what you can find there, for now happy farming!

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  1. since they do not put the hotfix today they could advance us something more of the new event.

  2. on my coop village i cant see the rank of village league why? i dont no plz tell me why happen thus…

    1. You should read the main post and you wouldn’t have to ask questions that are already answered, Village league ended 13 Aug @ midnight

  3. to i medale zostały bo ludzie śpią

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