SOLVED – Unexpected Downtime, August 15th

EDIT (11:55 CEST): Fast as a flash it’s solved! You should have no issues logging in now. Sorry about the panic and enjoy farming!

Hi everyone, we are currently experiencing some technical issues and some of you may have noticed the game is down at the moment. This is not due to the update, which is scheduled for later today, but some issues we are experiencing with some servers. We will keep you posted as to when the issues are resolved and sorry about the inconvenience! Keep an eye on this post and once the problem is resolved we will add a ‘SOLVED’ to the title and add any details in an edit above this paragraph.

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  1. I am way upset, I tried to login and it wouldn’t let me do that, so it said to register again and I did and it took me to level 1 and I was level 50 and I was in a cooperative. I am way mad that I can’t get back to my game that I was playing faithfully. I don’t understand why it is doing this to me.

  2. Bueno saludos a todos , to tenia ese problema de iniciar y no acceder ya gracias a dios se solvento

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