Payment issues in Chrome? Here’s a help guide!

We discovered that some of you are currently experiencing issues while trying to purchase gold while using Google’s Chrome browser.
The reason for this is that pop-ups are being blocked by the newly configured security settings of the recent chrome browser update.
This issue occurs when you are about to make a purchase and select your payment option. Normally you would be redirected to the selected payment option’s website after doing this, but recent  strict security updates block the page from loading without the user’s specific consent. The following warning will be shown to you in your Chrome browser:
…which then quickly changes to these small icons:
There are two ways to solve this issue, first the simplest solution.
To resolve the issue in the Big Farm store only, click on both of the icons in the URL bar (“Pop-up blocked” & “Redirect blocked”). You will be able to authorize pop-ups and redirects by selecting the option “Always allow pop-ups and redirects from…”. The dialogues will look like this:
Instead of keeping your selection on “Continue blocking” all you have to do is switch to the “Allow…” option and you will be able to access the store and your favourite payment provider just as before.
There is also a second general solution to this issue, but it is only necessary if you encounter the same problem with other games or websites that you visit.  For a more general solution, in case you have this issue with other websites, please proceed with the following steps:
  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the Chrome browser.
  • Then click on the ‘Settings’ option:
  • Once you’ve opened the settings, type the term “pop” into the search bar and click the ‘Content settings’ option:
  • Now select ‘Pop-ups and redirects’:
  • And we’re now at the final step. You simply have to toggle the “Allowed” selection (the bar will turn blue when on):
This second solution is a more general resolution and we recommend the first suggestion to give you a bit more freedom to choose when you are being redirected or pop-ups appear. The first solution will also work for other websites but remember you will have to follow those steps for each website with the issue. It is completely safe to allow pop-ups on our site and is essential to use the store and make a purchase, while also maintaining your ability to decide where and when pop-ups and website redirects are allowed. For now, thanks everyone!

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