UPDATED: HTML5 – News (18.09.18)

UPDATE: HTML5 is now live for Chrome versions 69 and above! Make sure you have the absolute latest version of Chrome (there was a Google hotfix to Chrome 69 to repair some issues and the game may not function best without this hotfix) and check out the HTML5 version in Chrome!

From tomorrow on HTML5 will also be available on the newest Google Chrome version which is version 69, so with a simple click on the switch button our beloved Chrome users can then also join our HTML5 world.

For further info on HTML5, check out previous posts on here and in the forums.

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  1. Traducción para Español.

    A partir de mañana, HTML5 también estará disponible en la versión más nueva de Google Chrome, que es la versión 69, por lo que con un simple clic en el botón de cambio nuestros queridos usuarios de Chrome también podrán unirse a nuestro mundo HTML5.

    Para obtener más información sobre HTML5, consulte publicaciones anteriores aquí y en los foros.

  2. My sound does not work unless I go back to Flash.

  3. non riesco ad aprire il gioco, fino a ieri sera tutto ok, stamattina non si apre

  4. I was unable to get into the game for 3 days after the HTML upgrade. Then I got in for about 3 days in a row, but last night the game shut itself down and now I can only get in to a brand new game! How can I access my real game? I am over level 90, and run my co-op, this is frustrating.


  5. Is anyone else having this problem:

    I type in my Player Name, but the player name status (red circle with a slash) does not change to a green check mark. I have the correct server and I am using the Login page.

    If I type in my password and click the Login button, nothing happens. No error message.

    1. I am having the same issue!

    2. Yes, I have the same issue

  6. i can not login the game

  7. Please help my cooperative grow. Its called Land of Misfit Toys. We have a few active players. We want to grow our farms and cooperative. Together we can be the best. Please come join us.

  8. I have lost over 200 gold from clicking on my fields to harvest them. The cash register chime goes off and I look to see what happened and nothing is different – I just lost another 50 gold. I’m getting REALLY TICKED OFF!!!!!

  9. I have noticed in the fishing region that the fishing pools are not repopulating with different varieties of fish or previous type of fish is not changing. I am not able to fill FM orders. Anyone else noticing this issue?

  10. I can not collect my runestones on the Nordic farm. I finished the task 3 days ago. It says finished, but every time I click on it the game freezes. I have to shut it off and go back in. Every thing else on the farm works, but I can’t progress in the farm until I am able to click on finish and another task comes up

  11. Can a long challenge at the village fair be canceled?

  12. I can’t access Chrome’s Flash. I can’t get on with other browsers. The farm doesn’t recognize my name. Flash security wasn’t secure because someone hacked my email and gave me malware. Beware anyone who uses Flash. No protection.

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