Forum Downtime – SOLVED!

EDIT(15:17 CEST): We’re back! The forum issues are resolved and you should now be able to log back in. Thanks for your patience everyone!


Hi everyone! Our forums are currently experiencing some issues and they are not accessible right now. We have spoken with Vanilla, the company that hosts our forums and they have informed us of some server issues they are having which affect many of their sites. They are working on it and hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

We will try to bring you more news when the forum comes back to life and sorry for the inconvenience!

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  1. When are you going to change the bottom supplies on the boat ? It should’ve been done when the Viking farm started up.

    1. Hi Haley! That’s a work in progress, in the meantime the Community Team is exploring workaround options that may help players until the issue is resolved for them and may be faster and easier to implement than the fix itself. We’ll bring you some more details as soon as we have something.

  2. Way to many players still can’t log in even when it is up .That problem really needs to be addressed also.

    1. Hey there, we’re also aware of that problem and hoping to resolve it as soon as we can. We recently had a fix in place but it did not function as well as we had thought. We are working on a new fix though I couldn’t say when that will be ready at the moment.

  3. I still cannot get into the forum . Playing from the US. Does not recognize password how can I change it or reset so I can get in

    1. Hi Maria, we are aware some players have issues logging into the forums and are working on a solution. We will try to get it fixed and make an announcement when that happens!

  4. margaretgirl2 can’t get on my farm’
    i had mine locked in so i could just go to it now i can’t get there please help me thank you’

    1. Hi there, have you tried contacting our support team? It’s possible they can see what’s causing the issue and help you out. Head to and enter your account details there, then send a message to our guys and they should be able to assist you.

  5. where is the garage menu cannot find a lot of the menue on my game

  6. preciso de jogador na minha cooperativa kingdoms….

  7. Just started a new community My British Farm and looking for active players to join me PLEASE


  9. ive try several times to log in and now it has me starting from the beganning help

  10. cant log in and now it wants me to start over

  11. Why cant the dog Bandit move? The windmill doesn’t move either when it should be turning. I cant pet the dog and he does not move . Please fix these issues and have the farm back like it used to be !!!! Thank you !!

  12. por favor quero voltar a jogar perdi minha conta meu login minha senha estou perdida.

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